Feel The Wrath Of My Lens!

By: Muhammad Najib Abdul Mukthi

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Tuesday, 7-Aug-2007 04:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kedah VS Negeri Sembilan

So indeed, we've won (we as in Kedah laaaa). At the end of the game, it wrapped up to 7-0. Not quite an interesting match frankly, hence it was too easy (sorry NS fellas, but seriously it was) ... In my opinion Azizon (NS goal keeper) supposed to be on his leave for at least a month after AFC. Well, kudoes to all Kedah players

K. Soley

Nelson San Martin

Mohd Fazliata Taib

Asmawi Hassan

The injured Azizon

Falling Azliata

Tuesday, 10-Jul-2007 18:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
When Kids Meet Waves

Oh .. still about Langkawi yaa ... hohoho ... I captured these when I was strolling the beach of Chenang. The kids were on a school trip. When asked, the teacher told me, they're all the kids of Orang Asli of Grik, Perak. Indeed, they're just happy to see the beach. The moment they arrived, each and every of the kids instantaneously dashed into the water. Funny to see their teachers trying to control them from doing unnecessary stuffs

The kid in the last 2 photos was not with them. That very kid came with his uncle. They were passing by Chenang when he asked his uncle to stop, as he wanted to layan mandi ... and boy what photos I made out of him

Oh .. by the way .. enjoy

n i c e p i c s , b u t p l e a s e L A H , w h a t e l s e c a n u b e o t h e r t h a n b e i n g a
b i g P E R V E R T ? ?. . . n o t h i n g r i t e ? ? ? . . .6 c a n n i n g w i l l d o f o r u
m u h a m m a d " P E R V E R T " n a j i b...

n o n e

To none,

Type in the comment properly. Perhaps, you didn't do any proper schooling? Nobody asked you to zoom into that kid's balls. Despite of all other pictures you managed to only see that. You revealed yourself too much. Never play with my name again, or I'll send you to a hellish blasphemy

Saturday, 7-Jul-2007 20:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
King Of The Sky

Touch and Go
My recent visit to Langkawi brought me to this spot in a lagoon-like place at Pulau Singa, one of many islands surrounding Langkawi. The sky doesn't really give me much light and color though, hence the haze. At first I was kinda skeptical of getting any usable shots because of the wheather. Though, however some that came together with me has got to put up some 'boring' time waiting for me satisfying my shots.

To Zul and Abg Chot, thank you for giving me this opportunity where else to Sham, nanti abg bawak Sham pi vacation lagi kat mana2. Lastly to the sleepy musketeers, Shauqi, Arief and Yusri, len kali tidoq awai sket, kalau takmoh tidoq awai pun .. sengkang mata laa jugak gigih bangun pagi so you won't be missing any more of these

To all of you guys viewing, hopefully you'd be okay with this not-so-great result ...

Majestic Flight

Idle Floating

Touch and Go

The Touch Down 1

The Touch Down 2

Airborne Feast

One-side Flip

Friendly Swing

Sunday, 1-Jul-2007 09:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ciko - A Showcase of Cuteness

I went over to Kak Ju's place yesterday to take these photos .. The cat's name is Ciko .. and indeed very playful. Comments would very much appreciated

Sunday, 3-Jun-2007 15:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Majestic Moment

Heh .. I'm still in Kedah and lovin' it .. To tell you the truth, the life transition I had isn't that hard. Well .. maybe because I'm a Kedahan myself. I've captured this whilst having a drive with friends in Alor Star skirtings. Can you tell where?

To all my friends out there, I love all of you

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