Feel The Wrath Of My Lens!

By: Muhammad Najib Abdul Mukthi

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Monday, 13-Nov-2006 11:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Yep ... it's the same descendant as Max. Same color as max, same eye, same tail, same body composition ... What more can I say .. it's like Max has been resurrected ...

Tuesday, 31-Oct-2006 15:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Salam Syawal 2006

Nothing much that I wanna say here ... Just a simple wish for all

your photos are too typical...nothing special bout it...my 6 y/o son can do better...seriously...practice more n come out with good photos...u can snap n u have a good angle but lack of ideas...please study more on how to grab not only monuments or potrait but other things too...if u do not upgrade the objects u wanna capture, u cant go far...even with ur D200...u can buy ho amny lenses u want, how good they are doesn't mean that ur photos aer good too..it depends on ur barin to picture what u wanna capture... - angel

Oh puh lease ... with all that bravery between your legs, do come back with a URL attached to your nick. Another thing - fix your english ... your mom will surely upset if she knows about it

Friday, 29-Sep-2006 07:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Farhan, Ezzat and My Sister

These were taken merely on a Ramadhan early evening whilst waiting for berbuka puasa ... No idea of what to put up .. so I guess these 2 kids might cheer some of you up

This is Ezzat ..

and there's Farhan ...

Ezzat and my sister, Nadiah ...

Monday, 25-Sep-2006 03:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Amir (http://rilekrilek.fotopages.com) wanted so much to do HDTR last week. So I walked him the whole process. Whilst waiting (there's only one tripod available which is his), I just kept snapping the whole view for a panorama, handheld - for 5 different time ranges. And mind you, the files are so freakingly HUGE!! ... This is the not-so-great result ...

Monday, 18-Sep-2006 09:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tahiyyatul Akhir - BorakPhoto's Task

BorakPhoto's 6's assignment .. it goes ... "Black & White" ... for full coverage of others .. you might wanna flip to http://borakphoto.fotopages.com

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