Feel The Wrath Of My Lens!

By: Muhammad Najib Abdul Mukthi

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Tuesday, 14-Mar-2006 09:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Max - He's now a memory ...

I'm trying my best not to drop a tear whilst jotting this, hence, being in the office ... but Max died just now. His body was no where to be found. It was an accident, told Kalai's brother's maid, which live opposite of our house. The chinese lady which live beside our house, which was there at that time ask her maid to throw Max's body far away in the garbage collection bin at the front of the taman. However, I've searched all over the place - no where to be found. I'm very sad .. very very sad .. :~(

Saturday, 11-Mar-2006 17:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sculptured by Backlight

Walking out ...
Leave me alone ...
Summoning the power ...
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Yusdi, a good friend of mine together with me went to Masjid Putrajaya to perform the maghrib prayers. After that, equipped with Kak Ju's Nikon D50, I discover the tower lighting to be such an interesting subject to be manipulated from - the backlight. Here're some of the shots ...

Please visit http://najib.is.an.enemy.org to learn about the EXIFs from these images

I'm gonna do Apis's style (http://wmdhafidz.fotopages.com/) defending my entry ...

xoom-in: Adding effects with photoshop? genuine photographer doesn't use image manipulating softwares, where's your originality?

My wrath: Firstly, I didn't push my image manipulation skills with these images, only level corrections and such. You can ask Suhaimi (if you know him lah) as how I can really push it. About the colors, those are white balances. Genuine? Have you been in the darkroom before? This is where the 'genuine photographers' mix and match chemicals controlling colors, adjust levels, brightness, contrast, even add vignetting to their photos if so they wish. We modern day photographers don't have to do that no more, hence the availability of photo editing softwares mushrooming the entire world. So please, wake up and smell the real world. Don't question my credibility when you don't have any of your signature work attached with your comment.

Oh yes .. being original, please be naked .. don't wear anything .. now that's original

Friday, 10-Mar-2006 20:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Faces 2

Raffi .. a childhood friend
The tok kadi ..
Falahi's dad ..
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Some images I managed to capture when I was back in Alor Star for Hafiz and Haliza's wedding. There's no editing whatsoever being doned to these images except some level corrections. And yes .. except one with desaturation effect ..

Like always, if you need to learn about the EXIF about these pictures ... click away to blogsite here --> http://najib.is.an.enemy.org/gallery/index.php?list=image&album_id=171

lense apakah yang hang guna nie???

For all the pictures, I use a 50mm f/1.4 lens borrowed from Kalai. Thanx Kalai ...

Thursday, 9-Mar-2006 19:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Char Koeteow

Ready to fry ...
Now, he has started ..
Another perspective ..
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My good friend, Muhaimin just got engaged last week. Since then I haven't met him. So I decide to give him a call on Friday after work. Went and fetch my foster brother over in Sentul, then straight I head to Taman Melati to have char koeteow.

At first it was kinda awkward that every saw me with the camera, but hell not that I give a damn about it in anyway. So I start snapping the guy who did the frying. He looked excited listening to the shutter sound ... Hehehe .. funny .. and man .. it was like 500 people were queing for char koeteow and nasi lemak over there. Absolutely recommended if you are a char koeteow or a nasi lemak lover.

Well, soon after finish the snapping business, I went back to sit together with everyone else to only realize that they're 85 pieces of prawns in the plate ... Bwahahahaha .. not that I really counted .. but seriously, that frying guy really kills the plate with so many of prawns ... hehehe .. maybe he liked me snapping him .. hehehe .. oh .. by the way .. enjoy

Wednesday, 8-Mar-2006 08:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Not a carpet ..
Pondering chances ...
Sharp eyes ...
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My little love at home. Those living together with me adore this guy very much. He's very chicky, hence being only 6 months or so. Loves to travel. Usually I'll bring him along in the car if I were to go back to Alor Star. Being loved very much in Alor Star too .. hehehe .. Thank you to Kak Ju and her family for taking care of Max. Also, thanx to Apis and his family, besides, they really eager looking forward for my next trip back to Alor Star ... Enjoy

selamba tak tribute kat aidi, aku, adik ip, ckong dgn kalai jaga kucing ko di saat2 ko mengabaikan dia...derm mann!


Over laa emo .... in anyway ... Would like to thank my dear friends at home for sharing the love together ... Aidi, Adik Ip, Ckong, Min, Kalai .... love you all

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